schedule blocking and training mindsets (training log 3/21-3/25)

Monday 3/21

Planned off day. As it usually is. Monday’s are the busiest day at the gym. Everyone wants to start their week off right, get into a rhythm and set a standard for their upcoming week or day. This is great, but because of this, I never plan on working out on Monday’s. It just doesn’t work in my schedule and going in knowing that I am not going to train is really helpful – I don’t have to stress about squeezing it in between clients.

Normally, this day is preceded by a good training session on Saturday and Sunday. As stated in the previous post, I needed a few days off from training and didn’t train on either of those days either.

Tuesday 3/22

Since I always plan Monday’s off, I make sure I have a couple hours on Tuesday to get in a really good training session. Blocking out this time in my schedule has been great. I block out the time on my calendar and do everything I can to protect it. I block out two hours because I know that I need a little time to get into the mindset for training. It might take me 30-40 minutes to get moving around and I like to take my time warming up. I need to shift from coaching mode or business mode into workout mode. I’m currently working on getting more efficient at this.

A1. back squat x8 135,135,185,205,205,225,205

These felt great. I have been shifting to my left leg on the bottom of the squat and have been doing lots of different drills to reset my hips. I had a client physical therapist point me in the right direction and confirm that they were indeed rotated out of neutral. I filmed my sets and had training partners keep an eye on me as well. I felt good and didn’t shift beside a little bit on the top end set near the end.

I was also excited that 225 for 8 felt pretty easy. In January, I did 225 for 10, and needed a week to recover. I was sore for the remainder of the week, but nothing more than ordinary.

B1. Rower – 5x 60 seconds max effort, 3 minutes recovery

Wednesday – day off

Thursday 3/24

20 minute aerobic workout

I am trying to make my workouts more and more aerobic to build my capacity for the upcoming 25k. I did:

500m row < 2 minutes

400m run @ 7:30 pace No rest, did 4 rounds, with one warm up, easy round. Took 20 minutes total.

Friday 3/25

Although I need to get more and more aerobic work in, which means less heavy stuff, I am still going to olympic lift once or twice a week. I love the technical aspect of it, I love refining my form. And when you do an effortless, snappy clean and jerk or snatch, nothing feels better.

I did maybe 20, moderate weight, clean and jerks done in singles or doubles. Then did some handstand walking practice since I trained with a former gymnast who effortlessly walked around the gym on his hands. Super impressive.





schedule blocking and training mindsets (training log 3/21-3/25)

training log 3/12-3/13


This weekend was about practice. Lighter weights, good quality movement and moderate volume. Pavel call this, greasing the groove. The more I train, the more I realized how important skill work can be in the gym. Learning or trying to master a movement is a great way to train, without having to go all out. And I am a firm believer in consistency and moderation over intensity.

Saturday 3/12

A1. power snatch x 2/95 for 10-15 minutes.

I worked on speed here. Trying to be fast under the bar and I was paying close attention to my shoulder position when receiving the bar overhead, trying to make sure I was in a good stable position.

B1. power clean + jerk x 2+1 for 10-15 minutes.

Same thing here, working on speed, being fast and explosive, but also loose and under control. Here, I worked on my first pull, or the part where you lift the weight off the ground to about knee hight. I worked on keeping my upper back and lats engaged to keep the bar close.

Sunday 3/13

My snatches felt great yesterday, and I spend the morning watching slowmo snatch videos. So, naturally, I wanted to do them again on Sunday. Light weights, did about 3-4 sets of 5 at 75 and then a few sets of 3 at 95. Working on the same things, being fast and catching in a good position.

Spend the rest of the time working on some band distracted mobilizations. Specifically hip extension and also hip flexion.



training log 3/12-3/13