Rowing Technique

The rower is an excellent tool that improves cardiovascular and muscular strength. It targets several major muscle groups in both the upper and lower body. Rowing is low impact making it a safe choice for all fitness levels. 

Grab the handle keeping your arms straight and your back flat. This start position is similar to the bottom position of a deadlift. 


Begin by extending your legs and pushing your feet into the platform. Your torso angle should remain the same during this phase. 


Once your legs are extended lean back slightly and pull the handle towards your sternum. Avoid pulling early with your arms. We want to maximize our leg drive before we finish our pull.

Reverse the motion by extending your arms – allowing the handle to move towards the machine. Hinge forward slightly avoiding any rounding in your low back. Finish the recovery by bending your legs and returning to the start position.

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Taylor Reuillard


Rowing Technique

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