Patience with Progression

As we settle into our routine at the gym progression takes place. We go from learning a body weight squat to goblet squatting a heavy kettlebell within a few short weeks.

Over time our brain creates new neurological pathways and our muscles adjust to new stressors. We are able to handle heavier weights more consistently and don’t feel as sore after workouts. We feel stronger and more comfortable with movement patterns and exercises.

It’s important to keep a long term mind set as we progress. It can be tempting to jump to advanced exercises or throw too much weight on the bar. Proper progression takes time. We need to build a solid foundation before adding intensity and load. Rushing your progress can lead to injury and poor technique.

Give your body time to adjust. Its learning and adapting to many new things. Practicing patience now will lead to more sustained and consistent progress in the future.

Taylor Reuillard


Patience with Progression

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