Cleaning Your Room

A cluttered, messy room can negatively impact your mood and overall health. It becomes difficult to clear your mind when surrounded by clutter. Misplacing items or tripping over dirty clothes can also make for a frustrating morning. A tidy room allows you to prepare for the day more efficiently.

Your bedroom should be a relaxed and calming space. Starting and ending your day in an organized area leads to lower levels of stress and increased productivity. An easy way to kickstart your productivity is making your bed every morning.

I began doing this several months ago and found that once my bed is made I’m motivated to complete other tasks. It provides a sense of accomplishment that I’m reminded of each time I enter my room.

This feeling drives me to pick up other areas of the house and check things off of my to-do list. Then at the end of a long day I come back to a calm, clean room and once again am reminded of my efforts earlier in the day.

Taylor Reuillard


Cleaning Your Room

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