Farmer Carry Benefits

Farmer carries improve full body strength, stability, and coordination. To remain upright we have to brace our core and keep our shoulders pulled back in a stable position. Our grip and upper back strength will also improve and carry over to other pulling movements like deadlifting and rowing.

It’s important to stay under control – slow things down and walk with intent. Going slower will increase time under tension and improve work capacity.

To perform, grab a pair of kettlebells or dumbbells with proper technique. 

❌                                       ✔️

Stand tall keeping you core braced. Pull your shoulders back and down with a slight bend in your arm (this activates our shoulder stabilizers). 

❌                                     ✔️

Begin walking, remain as stable as possible. We want to control the weight not have the weight control us.

❌                                     ✔️

Taylor Reuillard


Farmer Carry Benefits

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