Deadlift Set Up

A proper deadlift set up improves effectiveness and safety. We want to make sure we are in a good position before we pull. Regardless of the variation (sumo, conventional, double kb, etc.) there are a few key points to keep in mind.

Hip height

We want our hips to be above our knees and below our shoulders. Starting with the hips too low will result in a squat-like hinge. Starting with the hips too high will make it more difficult to “push” the floor away – decreasing strength output.

Too high
Too low

Grip width

We want to keep the bar as close to our body as we can. This means our arms should be on the inside (sumo) or outside (conventional) of our knees – not in front on them.

Arms in front of knees (bar not touching legs)

Inside – good

Outside – good

Neutral spine

We want to be sure our spine is in a neutral position in the set up – it’s the safest spinal position when pulling. We want to limit any rounding or extending.



Neutral – good

Taylor Reuillard


Deadlift Set Up

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