Nasal Breathing

We were designed to breath through our nose. Nasal breathing improves respiratory function and overall health. Here are a few important benefits:


Our noses are lined with tiny hairs called cilia – it filters and warms/cools the air that enters our body. Cilia protect us from harmful particles in the air.  


Many of us take short, shallow breaths. Breathing through your nose allows for fuller, deep breaths (utilizing our diaphragm) which increases oxygen uptake and absorption – leading to increased energy production. 


Breathing through our mouth stimulates our sympathetic nervous system – think fight or flight. Because we use our chest and upper lungs when mouth breathing our body feels stressed. 

When we utilize nasal breathing however, the lower lung is activated which stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system – relaxation and calming.

Taylor Reuillard


Nasal Breathing

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