Foot Stability

Our feet connect our bodies to the ground. Its important to find stability in our feet to create a solid foundation for movement. We want a balanced weight distribution over the three points of your foot that contact the ground – this is called the tripod foot. 


Lacking stability in your feet can affect how your body moves. Let’s look at the squat – too much pressure on the inside of your foot may result in knees collapsing in. 


Too much pressure on the outside will cause your foot to lose contact with the ground making your squat less stable and strong. 


To practice creating a stable foot stand tall without shoes on. Screw your feet into the ground – keep your big toe down and rotate your knees outward. This will create a slight arch in your foot.


This concept carries over to everyday activities like walking and running. Bringing awareness to your foot stability can improve how your movement looks and feels.

Taylor Reuillard



Foot Stability

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