Inverted Row

Inverted rows build horizontal pulling strength. The intensity of the exercise can be easily adjusted making it a great exercise for beginners – the more upright your body is the easier it is. 



(Good starting point)      (More advanced)

Grab the rings and lean back – squeeze your glutes and brace your core keeping your body in a straight line. Begin by packing your shoulders-  this creates tension through the shoulder joint and prepares your body to pull. 




(Relaxed)                      (Packed)

Pull yourself towards the rings squeezing your shoulder blades together as you get to your top position – this will prevent dumping the shoulder forward into a bad position.



(Tipped forward)         (Pulled back – good)

Avoid over extending your spine at the top, we want the movement coming from our arms and shoulder, not from our low back. Maintain a neutral spine while you lower yourself to the start position. 



(Extended)                    (Neutral)

Taylor Reuillard


Inverted Row

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