Deep Squat Hold

Most people spend hours sitting every day. Over time this impacts how your body moves. Joints lose range of motion and muscles become tight and weak. A great way to test your mobility is holding the bottom of a squat. This position requires sufficient mobility in the hips, knees, and ankles. 

Many of us aren’t able to sit comfortably in this position because we’ve lost the range of motion required. Young children are able to squat down effortlessly to pick something up off the floor – mainly because they haven’t spent years sitting in a compromised position. Our bodies were designed to squat, but when we stop doing so we lose the ability to.

A good way to start improving this position is using support – this can be a door frame, a kettlebell on the floor, a squat rack, etc. You can use it to get into a better position and over time you will find it is easier to hang out there. This can relieve hip and low back pain!

Working on your ankle and hip mobility will improve this position further and should be mixed in a few times a week!

 Taylor Reuillard


Deep Squat Hold

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