Start Small for Success

The new year presents an opportunity for change. Many of us have areas that we want to work on – making new year’s resolutions can help jump start the process. Getting healthier, spending more time with family and learning something new are a few common resolutions. These all have the right idea, but they are very vague and difficult to measure. 

Let’s take getting healthier as an example. There are many aspects of health and fitness that can be improved – nutrition, exercise, mindfulness practice, etc. Because there are so many options, people try to improve every aspect in an unsustainable way. They go to the gym everyday and eat healthier for a few weeks, but ultimately burn out. 

My advice to you this year is start small. Choose one very specific thing you want to improve and find a way to implement it in your daily life. The idea is to create long term change over an entire year, not just a few weeks. 

A year is a long time – it presents many opportunities to improve and grow. Consistency is one of the most important parts of creating change!


Taylor Reuillard


Start Small for Success

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