Push Up Progressions

Push ups build upper body strength and stability. There are several variations we can perform from beginner to advanced to improve technique and control.

Its important to begin with an appropriate level of difficulty. Progressing too quickly will lead to poor movement quality and reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. The principles of each progression remain the same – core braced, elbows close to your side, vertical forearm, body in a straight line.

Barbell push up

This variation is great for learning basic mechanics. We can begin with the bar at a comfortable height then lower it over time as strength increases.

Eccentric push up

Begin in a high plank and lower your self down in a controlled manor. When you reach your bottom position, relax  and let your body contact the ground. Return to the high plank position in way that’s appropriate for you. The slower you perform these, the more difficult they are.

Band assisted push up

The band provides support throughout the movement. As you lower yourself keep your body in a straight line. Allow the band to stretch in order to receive help on the way up. We can start with a thick band and progress over time to a thinner one. 

Push up

Perform an eccentric push up then without losing tension push yourself back up to the starting position.

Taylor Reuillard


Push Up Progressions

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