What’s Limiting You?

We all have areas that need improvement. Long term progress requires us to address our weaknesses and find solutions. Avoiding these weaknesses will eventually cause progress to slow down or stop.

Here are a few examples:

Technical limitation

  • If someone has trouble performing a body weight squat correctly, they will not be able to perform a weighted squat correctly. Over time they may get injured due to poor mechanics. 
  • Taking time to improve technique will increase exercise effective and safety; helping them progress further.

Range of motion restriction

  • Missing range of motion at the shoulder joint makes pressing over head difficult. This could lead to injury or lack of progress.
  • Taking time to improve shoulder mobility will make the exercise feel better and promote strength gains.

Mindset limitation

  • If someone becomes easily frustrated and impatient when learning new movements it will be difficult to progress.
  • Developing a growth mindset will make the learning process more enjoyable – leading to progress in other aspects of life.


Taylor Reuillard


What’s Limiting You?

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