5 Daily Mobility Drills

Improving your mobility takes daily practice. A few minutes a day can make a big difference in how your body moves and feels. Here are 5 drills you can perform any where to increase range of motion and improve movement quality. Perform 3 or 4 rounds of 10-15 reps of each exercise.


This drill promotes spinal health. Begin in a quadruped position – round your back bringing your spine towards the ceiling, then reverse the motion and arch your back, reaching your sternum towards the ground.

Hip flexor stretch

Our hip flexors get tight from sitting in a flexed position. This stretch puts our hip into extension which is important for walking, running and single leg variations. Keep your core braced and tuck your pelvis under (glute squeezed). Gently rock forward until you feel a stretch in your upper thigh/hip region.

Wall T spine

Our upper backs get stiff from sitting in a rounded position. This drill puts your upper back into extension and improves thoracic spine mobility. Place your hands on the wall and drop your head and chest towards the ground.



Split Stance Adductor

This improves the mobility of your adductors – the muscles that run along the inside of your leg. Begin with one knee down and the other leg out to the side. Keep your core braced and rock back and forth maintaing a neutral spinal. 


90/90 Breathing

This drill promotes proper breathing mechanics and body alignment. Press your low back into the ground and raise your hips slightly off the floor. Breath in and expand your trunk 360 degrees. Avoid breathing with your chest. 


Taylor Reuillard


5 Daily Mobility Drills

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