Deep Lunge Mobility

The deep lunge position improves hip mobility – hip flexion (front leg) and hip extension (back leg). It allows us to find imbalances and areas that are tight. Spending time in this position will improve your squat and single leg movement patterns.


We can perform several drills while in this position to increase range of motion. Through out all variations keep your core braced (ribs pulled down) and rear glute squeezed. This prevents us from extending through our low back. 

Deep lunge elbow drop


Drop your inside elbow down towards the middle of your foot. Hold this end range briefly, then repeat. 

Deep lunge with reach


Reach your inside arm up towards the ceiling – this will add rotation through the upper back and increase demands of the back hip. Then return to the start position. 

Deep lunge with hip lift


With your hands just inside your forward leg push into the ground and raise your hips to the ceiling. You will feel a stretch in your hamstring (front leg). Hold briefly, then return to the start position. 

Taylor Reuillard


Deep Lunge Mobility

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