Using Your Non-Dominant Hand

Completing a task with your non-dominant hand is challenging, awkward and usually pretty funny. Throwing a ball or trying to write a sentence is nearly impossible, but we don’t get frustrated or get embarrassed. We know that hand hasn’t had a lot of practice.

That “beginner” mindset we have while using our non-dominant hand is the same way we should handle learning a new skill.

Many of us get frustrated while trying to learn new things. Whether it’s a new movement in the gym or learning new language its going to feel awkward and uncomfortable at first – and that’s okay! You just need to spend some time practicing.

This “beginner mindset” can make the learning process more fun and enjoyable. We shouldn’t get frustrated while learning a new skill, we should take our time and appreciate the process.


Taylor Reuillard


Using Your Non-Dominant Hand

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