Increasing the weight on the bar, adding reps to each set, and going faster are all ways we can increase intensity. It is important to track these factors to make sure we are progressing – But its also important to understand they can not be increased every workout. 

You shouldn’t be laid out on the ground huffing and puffing after every workout. Eventually too much intensity (too frequently) will lead to mental and physical burnout, as well as potential injury. Your body needs time to recover and repair in order to get stronger. 

Working hard in the gym is important for progress. We have to get out of our comfort zone in order to see and feel change. Theres a time and place to go all out – but there’s a limit. 

Listen to your body and make sure you’re giving it what it needs to recover from your workouts. Doing so will lead to more sustained progress.


Taylor Reuillard



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