Muscle Soreness

The day after a hard workout can be uncomfortable. Muscle soreness and fatigue can make daily movement difficult.   Skipping the gym may seem like a good idea, but moving around is important when your sore. We encourage our clients to come into the gym even when they are sore.


We believe in recovery days. Some foam rolling, light aerobic work, and mobility drills can make a huge difference in how you feel. Increasing blood flow, especially to those sore areas will make you feel better quicker. It’s okay to miss a lifting day if you’re feeling beat up – let’s dial back the intensity and focus on your recovery.


Going to the gym when you’re sore and tired helps keeps your routine in check. Consistency is key for long term progress. This includes days that you don’t feel 100%. When you start making it a habit to stay home when you’re sore it will affect your progress.


Taylor Reuillard


Muscle Soreness

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