Chops and Lifts

Banded chops and lifts improve rotational core strength. While performing them our trunk experiences force that wants to twist it. We can avoid rotating by bracing our core and stabilizing our spine. Bands are a great tool strengthening the rotational muscles. A strong core allows us to transfer power from our lower body to our upper body more efficiently. 


Position the band a few feet above your head. Grab the band like a baseball bat with your top palm up. In an athletic stance, pull the band down across your body. Pull with some speed on the way down, then return the band to the starting position under control. Keep your core braced through out.


Just the opposite of the chop, position the band just below knee height. Grab the band the same way and pull it up across your body. Speed on the way up – controlled on the way down. Again, think stable core. Avoid any twisting in your lower back.

  These exercises can be performed standing or kneeling. 

Taylor Reuillard


Chops and Lifts

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