Step Ups

Single leg training improves balance, stability, and strength. Many of our daily activities require us to use one leg at a time – walking, running, hiking, etc. The step up is a great exercise to improve these areas. Here are a few tips to improve them: 

Knee position

We want to keep our knee in a good position throughout the movement – avoid letting your knee collapse inward or shifting too far forward. 


Torso angle 

Allow your torso to lean slightly forward – this is important for those with knee pain. Standing too upright will cause your knee to shift forward and place added stress on it.


Find your hamstrings

With your foot on the box, think about pulling your foot backwards as you stand up. This will activate your hamstrings and improve the effectiveness of the exercise. 


Don’t cheat

People tend to push off the ground with their back foot creating momentum as they stand. Instead, think about pulling yourself on to the box (using hamstrings). This makes the exercise much harder, but you will get more out of it. 

Taylor Reuillard


Step Ups

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