Bench Press Set Up

A proper set up leads to a solid press. Your head, upper back, pelvis, and two feet make up your 5 points of contact. Its important to utilize all 5 to create a stable platform to push from. 


When setting up, position yourself so your eyes are lined up underneath the bar. This will prevent you from hitting the hooks that the bar rests on when you are pressing. Let your head rest on the bench – holding it up can strain your neck.

Upper back

Squeeze your shoulder blades back and down to create a “shelf” with your upper back. Grab the bar just outside shoulder width. Use it to create tension through your arms – think “break the bar”.


Squeeze your glutes to create stability in your lower half. We want to create full body tension while we press. Your pelvis should remain in contact with the bench throughout.


Drive your feet into the ground as you press – this will provide a solid foundation for your press. 


Taylor Reuillard


Bench Press Set Up

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