Improving Your Push Up

Push ups develop upper body strength and stability. Here are a few tips to improve them:

Arm position

As you lower your body, keep your arms 45 degrees away from your sides making an arrow shape – avoid flaring your elbows out in a T shape. This puts your shoulder in a more stable position. 

Vertical forearm

In the bottom position your forearm should be vertical, not tipped back. Lean forward slightly rather than dropping straight down as you lower yourself. Think about pressing in an arch shape (up and back) similar to a bench press.

Scapular movement

We want to see movement through our shoulder blades (scapulae) during a pushup. In the bottom position the shoulder blades retract and pull closer together. In the top position they protract and spread farther apart. 


Creating tension increases stability and the effectiveness of the exercises. Screw your hands into the ground, brace your core and squeeze your glutes. This prevents your hips from sagging down. We want all the motion coming from our shoulders. 

Whether you are performing barbell, band assisted, or floor push ups – the principles remain the same.

Taylor Reuillard


Improving Your Push Up

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