Why Do We Foam Roll?

We use foam rolling to prepare our bodies for training. Its helps us find tight areas that may impact our performance. 


Reduced muscle tension.

Foam rolling is a type of self myofascial release (smr). The compression from the roller helps our muscles function better by breaking up tension and adhesions – our muscles should be elastic and flexible.

Increased range of motion.

As our muscles relax, our range of motion increases. Foam rolling increases blood flow to our muscles and helps restore normal tissue function. This change won’t be permanent, but it will help improve your training session.

Improved recovery.

Sore muscles need help to recover. Foam rolling is a great way to speed up this process. It becomes more effective when performed after your workout. Your muscles are warm which improves its ability to relax and restore.

It feels good.

All the science aside – foam rolling feels amazing. Its like a free massage!


Taylor Reuillard


Why Do We Foam Roll?

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