3 Non-Barbell Deadlift Variations

Deadlifts improve movement quality and posture. It’s important to find an appropriate variation for you – not everyone has to deadlift with a barbell. Here are a few non-barbell variations to shake up your training.

Double Kettlebell Deadlift:

This variation mimics a sumo deadlift. Holding a kettlebell in each hand requires more upper body stability. Begin with the kettlebells between your feet. Brace your core, hinge over (grab each kettlebell), then press through the floor with your feet as you lift. This will engage your leg muscles and save your back.

Banded Deadlift:

To perform, place a band on the ground and step on it with an appropriate stance width. Grab each side of the band, create tension and perform a deadlift pattern. The more the band gets stretched, the more challenging it becomes – this is called accomodating resistance. This variation can be used as a warm up before heavier variations or as a high rep finisher.

Suitcase Deadlift:

Begin with you feet hip width apart with a kettlebell right next to either foot. Perform your bracing sequence, grab the kettlebell and lift. It is important that your shoulders and hips face forward as you lift. This variation will require core and hip stability to avoid rotation.

Taylor Reuillard


3 Non-Barbell Deadlift Variations

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