Benefits of Warming Up


Warming up properly prepares our body for training. It reduces our risk of injury and improves performance.

Physical Benefits

We warm up to increase body temperature, heart rate and blood flow. This improves our ability to use oxygen and prepares our muscles and joints for heavier movements. It activates our central nervous system, which is important for force production and performance.

Foam rolling is another important tool in our warm ups. It improves muscle function by relieving tension and increasing range of motion – not to mention it feels amazing.


Warming up gives us an opportunity to think about our training. Focusing on proper movement and practicing with intent carries over. It slows down our busy lives. We like starting our warm ups with breath work for its physical and mental benefits.

Skill development

The drills and exercises develop body awareness. It gives us an opportunity to work on coordination and balance while improving our basic movement patterns.


Taylor Reuillard


Benefits of Warming Up

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