I was speaking to one of our clients recently who has been at Gain for a year and a half. She trains three times per week and rarely misses a workout. She’s dealt with shoulder pain as long as she can remember, but recently she has noticed a change.

During that year and a half she’s learned how to move well and is much stronger than before. She mentioned that her shoulder has been feeling great the past few months.

This is a good example of long term consistency resulting in long term results. Her shoulder had hurt for years, but because she has made the effort and stayed consistent, she has not experienced pain in months!

Whether your goal is to feel better, lose weight, or get stronger – you must be consistent. Many people dive head first into new programs and try and rush progress. They hit the gym 6 days a week and start a new diet plan, but then eventually burn out because their changes are unsustainable. If you want to make long term changes you must find a sustainable pace to start.

Start slow, a few days a week for a year is more beneficial than 5 days a week for a few months followed by nothing for a few months. Quick fixes produce temporary results. Take step back, take a deep breath (in through your nose), and be realistic with how you want to achieve your goal.

Taylor Reuillard



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