3 Go To Hip Stretches

Our hips get tight when we sit a lot. Missing ranges of motion impacts our movement and compromises good positions. Working on your hip mobility will improve your squatting, hinging, and single leg patterns. It can also resolve pain in your hips and low back. 

Couch stretch

This variation reverses the effects of sitting (tight hip flexors/quads). It puts your hip into extension and stretches those tight areas. Keep your spine in a neutral position while performing this stretch – don’t arch. Squeeze your glute to intensify the stretch. You should feel it in your hip flexor and upper thigh.


Deep lunge

This variation will improve hip flexion. Our adductors (inside of your leg) get tight which can limit our ability to squat to depth. The deep lunge mimics the bottom position of our squat (the leg thats forward) and presents an opportunity to work on one leg at a time. Again, maintain a neutral spine throughout.

Pigeon stretch

This variation improves hip external rotation. You will feel this stretch deep in your hip capsule/glute area. We can perform this standing with your leg up on a box, kneeling on a bench, or lying on the floor. Start slow and ease into this one. 

Mobile hips are happy hips. Performing these stretches daily can make a big difference. They will improve your movement quality and make you feel better. 

Taylor Reuillard


3 Go To Hip Stretches

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