Unconventional Core Exercises

Improving core strength and stability leads to better movement. Stabilizing your spine properly will reduce your risk of injury. The name of the game for these variations is tension. To strengthen these postural muscles we have to challenge them in a good position – think quality over quantity. These exercises will carry over to everything you do.

Dead bug:

Keep your low back in contact with the ground throughout the entire movement. Your hips and shoulders should move independently from your spine. Bracing your core prevents your lower back from rising (off the floor) and makes the exercise more effective. Maintain full body tension from start to finish.  


Suitcase carry:

Carrying variations are simple and very effective. Loading one side during the suitcase carry challenges your ability to stay upright and prevent lateral flexion (tipping down towards the kettlebell). Keep a slight bend in the carrying arm and pull your shoulder back and down (bonus shoulder stability). During the carry, maintain a neutral spine and avoid any rotation. 


High plank push away:

An effective high plank position shouldn’t be easy. Brace your core, squeeze your butt, and press the ground away with your hands. As one hand slides forward stay locked in a good position – avoid rotating or twisting. Your ribcage and pelvis should always face one another. If youre extended through your lower back, your pelvis tips away from your ribcage -creating instability. Stay inline, especially during the movement. 


Taylor Reuillard


Unconventional Core Exercises

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