Why I’m Always Barefoot

Why I’m Always Barefoot

Our feet are in shoes constantly and it impacts how our feet function. The muscles of our feet and lower leg weaken, our ankle joint loses range of motion, and our contact awareness is decreased.


The muscles of our feet and lower legs provide support and stability during movement. When we wear shoes, these muscles are turned off. Walking barefoot strengthens these muscles and improves foot function.

Range of motion

Most shoes have a raised heel. Spending hours in this raised heel position decreases our ankle range of motion. Stiff ankles effect the way we walk, run, squat, etc. Being barefoot allows your joints to move through its natural range of motion.

Contact awareness

Shoes allow us to get away with poor striking mechanics (the way our foot contacts the ground). Imagine having gloves on your hands all day, it would be difficult to feel what you’re touching. Shoes take away feed back we should receive while walking and running. If you were to heel strike while running barefoot, you would experience tremendous pain. Being barefoot improves your awareness between your feet and the ground. 


Making an effort to increase your time barefoot will help your entire body function better.  You have the equipment to support your own foot and ankle – you don’t need a shoe to do it for you.

Taylor Reuillard


Why I’m Always Barefoot

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