EMOM Explained

What does EMOM mean?

The acronym “EMOM” stands for Every Minute on the Minute. This means you will perform a specified amount of work each minute. 

For example:


Push up x 5

Here you would complete 5 push ups at the top of each minute. Start your timer and perform 5 push ups. Lets say this took 15 seconds, you would then rest 45 seconds until the timer got to 1 minute.  Then repeat the cycle at minute 2, 3, and so on.

How many minutes do I work? 

The EMOM acronym will be followed by a number (EMOM6) which signifies how many minutes you will complete your work. In this example, you would complete 6 rounds (or 6 minutes).


This format is used in a variety of contexts and is a great way to shake up your training. It presents an opportunity to practice technique and repetition, while increasing metabolic activity – similar to interval training. 

Taylor Reuillard


EMOM Explained

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