Is Sitting to Blame?

Is sitting to blame?

Sitting has become a popular topic of discussion. It affects your body over time. Muscles get tight and joints lose range of motion. These changes generally result in pain and affect your ability to move normally. Sitting has been blamed for causing health issues (heart disease, obesity, etc.) that are continuously on the rise.

What happens if someone stood all day instead? Would all these negative affects disappear? Maybe some. But not all of them. The problem isn’t necessarily sitting or standing too much – it comes from lack of movement. If we aren’t exposed to movement, our bodies lose the ability to do so. Our bodies were built for movement.

If youre sitting down reading this, I challenge you to get up and walk around for a bit! We need to find balance – move around when you can. It takes awareness and effort, but I promise you its well worth it.

Taylor Reuillard


Is Sitting to Blame?

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