Defining a Great Workout During the Holiday Season

How do you know when you had a great workout? Most of us associate with heavy breathing sweaty clothes and accomplishing all of the tasks for the day. What I want you to think about though is a great workout that doesn’t end with drops of sweat pouring off your face. That isn’t always necessary for workout success.

Dedicating an hour to moving each and every day is so important to living a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. Many of you are coming up on a one year anniversary here. Many more are on two years and some even three!

That’s Consistency. You need that to be successful in anything. Long-term Gainers will vouch – not all of your workouts ended in a puddle of sweat. More than a fair share did and it is important to push it at the right time. But out of the 150 some odd training sessions you had this year, there was a fair share of them that we needed to pull it back, and define the workout as successful in other ways than just breathing hard. There’s days that you’re tired, didn’t get enough sleep, you traveled over the weekend, or maybe it’s just an off day and your mind is on other things.

You can still have a great workout by moving well.

Maybe you’re coming off a cold and you have been laying on the couch for a few days. Doing some easy squats to open up your hips and some inverted rows to get your shoulder blades and upper back moving can be just as valuable as heavy breathing.

Sometimes that’s just what your body needs. So how can you define a great workout – how do you feel after. Not just your mood, we all know that’s going to get better. How does your body feel? Did you have some tightness in the hips or around the knees before you started moving? Has your shoulder range of motion improved? Did you feed your body functional full range of motion movement that it craves? Yes or no.

You see, if you did this, if you took the time to move and to do it efficiently and correctly, you had a great workout. To have a full, all encompassing strength and conditioning program, you need to sweat a lot, breathe heavy and move some weight around. Moving properly though, is part of the package and taking the time to practice that means you had a great workout.

When your slammed for time this holiday season, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t get great training sessions. Maybe you were out late last night at a party and those heavy deadlifts are definitely out of the questions today – but coming in to take the time to feed your body movement will help you so much in the long run. It doesn’t always have to be heavy and hard, just consistent.

Defining a Great Workout During the Holiday Season

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