What Defines a Great Workout?

We all associate a great workout with heroic efforts, puddles of sweat and red faces. While that’s all well and good, gasping for air and sweat drops don’t define a workout. Many of us fall into this trap of believing that our training sessions need to leave us yearning to lay on the floor.

While heroic efforts are great, consistent efforts are more impressive.

We can have great workouts by showing up, practicing good movement, getting quality repetitions in and taking care of your body. This idea that your workout is punishment for whatever poor lifestyle choices you made makes me want to scream.

If that’s your main motivation to train, you have some issues. Not only is that unsustainable, it builds on the unhealthy relationship of moving and working out by requiring you to do something “bad” in order do something “good.” It’s crazy. And it’s how most people think about fitness.

Motivation and willpower diminishing resources. You can’t always rely on them to produce superhero like workouts.

So where does that leave us in our definition of a good workout?

A good workout is anytime that you take care of yourself.

Anything you do to make your body feel better or to move more.

So while coming into the gym to do some mobility drills, some specific core exercises and some rolling may not feel like your accomplishing much, you are! You are taking time out of your life to deliberately take care of your body.

You should workout to feel better, not to punish yourself. That means, sometimes an easy workout is okay, and probably necessary.

So, stop being so hard on yourself. Focus on consistency, your body will thank you.


What Defines a Great Workout?