You’ve Been Tricked

Brainwashed by the fitness industry. Scammed by fake results and promised unrealistic transformations.

Transforming your body and your lifestyle isn’t out of reach – but it’s going to take much longer than you want it to. It’s going to take you longer than promised.

None of this is your fault. Our society wants immediate results. If my Amazon package takes more than the promised 2-day delivery, I get way too upset. We’ve lost our patience, and that is exactly what we need to see results.

Patience, consistency and the ability to handle the mundane. You must be able to show up, day in and day out. The stuff that gets real results is monotonous work on the fundamentals.  Most of us, don’t get the fundamentals down before we get bored. Start looking for the next thing. The thing that will work this time!

Guess what? It’s right in front of you, it’s what you’re doing. Stick with it, deliberately practice. Focus, learn, test and continue progressing. Skimming the top, then moving on – that’s how you spin your wheels. Handling consistency is how you transform.

I was listening to a podcast recently, when the guest was asked to give advice on how to get strong, his reply, “squat heavy once a week for 10 years.”

How are you going to feel in 10 years? 15 years? Stop thinking short term, lose your need for fast results and stick with a process, no matter what it is. Stick with it, and stop expecting your body to become supermodel status in a matter of days. There is nothing that will do that for you.

This goes back to making sure that you have some performance goals. Something to measure your real progress with. Aesthetic goals will only take you so far. Rather, they will take you as far as the next diet fad, infomercial workout, or super-vitamin-detox-green-smoothie weight loss shake.

Focus on what your body can do, not what it looks like. Performance is about how well you can do something, i.e., can you master it? Outcome goals, how much, how fast, how many – never seem to work as well.

Let’s focus on the process and get comfortable living there. There is no finish line.


You’ve Been Tricked

Is This Normal?

Is deadlifting heavy weight, squatting high reps and being super picky about push up technique normal? No, it certainty isn’t. Is rolling around on a lacrosse ball, foam roller or doing dedicated hip mobility work normal? Definitely not.

See, this whole functional fitness thing, or whatever you want to call it, isn’t normal. Living with some sort of pain has become normal.

Not being able to effortlessly walk down stairs is normal.

Having to take the day off from work after a weekend hike is normal.

Needing help carrying groceries inside is normal.

Icing your lower back after a morning in the garden is normal.

Missing full range of motion is normal.

Not being able to stabilize your spine is normal. 

Not knowing how to do a real push up is normal.

Fueling your body with fake foods is normal.

You only get one chance with this body, why would you put crap in it? Because that’s normal.

Don’t be normal.

Pursue strength as a skill. Spend time doing maintenance on your body. Move more and treat yourself like the fascinating piece of machinery that you are. Be respectful in how you fuel your body.

Going through life without a care about your physical being is normal. Don’t be normal – fight off aging, feel your best and don’t let anything slow you down.

Don’t be that person that says “what till you’re –insert age here-.”

Guess what? You don’t have to be like that you’re that age.

Passionately fight against the norm now and take care of yourself. Make it a priority, a sustainable practice you can do forever.

Put the work in now, even if it seems strange to your friend and peers. They are probably normal, anyway.


Is This Normal?