Strength Training 101 for Women FAQ

What if I’m starting from scratch? Will this be too much for me?

Short answer, no! We take pride on meeting people where they are, scaling exercises accordingly and making sure you only work within your own limits.

I’m dealing with an injury, can I still participate?

Yes, in fact, many of the clients that come here are dealing with some sort of injury. Either actively working around it or being cautious of something from the past. Modifying certain movements to still get a training effect, while ensuring we do not aggravate the injury is something we are very good at.

I’m an older person, will I be able to keep up?

Yes, building off the previous answers, we are able to modify to make sure you are working within your own limits and not the limits of the collective class. We train many clients in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. If you’re worried you’re too old, there’s probably someone older already working out here.

I have back pain, is this safe?

Yes! We will work within your own limits, and teach you how to safely load your hips and les, opposed to your back. We place an emphasis on being able to create a strong, stable torso, commonly referred to as the core.

Isn’t squatting bad for your knees?

Squatting poorly is bad for you knees! Above all else, we focus on mastering techniques and skills before layering on top of them. We never let you do anything with bad technique or anything that will injure you.

Is there cardio involved?

Yes. Our program focuses on building strength, balance and stability, along with improving mobility and increasing what we call work capacity. We define work capacity as how much effort you can put forth. Meaning, it won’t feel like your typical cardio party on an elliptical, but we set the workout up to give a similar training effect, while also building strength!


If you’re interested in learning more or signing up for the class – click here to be taken to the website




Strength Training 101 for Women FAQ

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