Stop Punishing Yourself

All week my social media has been flooded with infographics explaining, if you had 3 slices of pie at Thanksgiving, you’ll need to do 300 burpees or 37.5 minutes on a stationary bike to burn it off.

I’m no metabolism expert, but I think our bodies are a little more complex than that…

The root issue of this isn’t Thanksgiving, by the way. It’s the mindset about exercise and about fitness being punishment. The negative association with working out is why it’s so hard for  people to start or stick with it.

For some of you, maybe punishing yourself is a good motivator. If it is, that’s awesome. How long can it be a motivator for you though? Probably not forever.

After my college hockey days I had a really hard time, like many former athletes, figuring out why I was training, or what I was training for. It took me a long time, but after a few years I finally realized that I wanted to workout to take care of myself. I want to feel good, be strong, have a lot of gas in the tank and be able to move fluidly.

Exercise was no longer something I had to, but something that I wanted to do. My mindset shifted to view exercise and moving as a way to take care of my body and mind, not as a way to punish it for poor eating choices.

You can apply this same logic to your food choices too. Having a salad for lunch instead of McDonalds isn’t punishment because it’s a not as tasty, boring, healthy choice, but because it’s the choice that helps you take care of your body.

If you focus on taking care of yourself, lots of good stuff can happen.




Stop Punishing Yourself