Upcoming ‘Hip Hinge 101’ Workshop at GAIN

I just want to fill you in on something that I am really excited for. On August 21st, we are hosting Matt Ibrahim’s and Zak Gabor’s ‘Hip Hinge 101 Workshop.’ 

Matt and I were introduced through a mutual friend whom he met at a powerlifting meet. I had been a long time follower of his on Instagram, so when he asked if they could host at GAIN, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. 


Matthew Ibrahim is a strength and conditioning coach, licensed massage therapist, physical therapy rehabilitation coach, writer, speaker, and founder of Movement Resilience, a blog geared toward enhancing the fields of human movement and athletic performance. His work has been featured in Breaking Muscle, the CrossFit Journal, Juggernaut Training Systems, Lifehacker, ReebokONE, Sports Rehab Expert, STACK, and The Personal Trainer Development Center.

In his current practice at Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness in Medford, MA, Matthew continues to focus on performance-based training and manual therapy with an emphasis on improving the health of his athletes and clients both from a strength and conditioning standpoint and soft tissue management standpoint. He is also a sports medicine provider for Clinical Athlete, a global database designed to help connect athletes and weightlifters with healthcare practitioners.

Matthew’s clients have included professional athletes (NBA, NFL, NHL), competitive Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting athletes, CrossFit athletes, competitive age-division endurance athletes (marathoners and triathletes), collegiate-level sports programs, and high school athletes.

He teaches the educational Hip Hinge 101 Workshop alongside his colleague, Dr. Zak Gabor, and has been a guest speaker at EXOS at Google Headquarters, The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention, the New England Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association annual convention, Tyler English Fitness Systems, Barry’s Bootcamp, Undergraduate Exercise Physiology and Doctorate-level Physical Therapy schools, and corporate wellness programs.


If you want to reserve your spot, click here.

You can read one of Matt’s latest blog posts of Juggernaut Strength, here.

Upcoming ‘Hip Hinge 101’ Workshop at GAIN

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