Intern’s Perspective

The following post is a homework assignment that  Nate had to complete to earn his credits for the summer. When he shared the assignment with me, as encouraged by his internship supervisor, I knew I had to post it. In only 3 weeks, Nate has figured out what we are trying to do here and realized how unique it is.

Enter Nate:

Today starts my third week as an intern at Gain Strength and Conditioning, and the experience so far has been unique to say the least. Every gym I have been at to this point has usually been incredibly intense and focused more on moving more weight and getting better within the gym as opposed to Gain where everything is geared to getting better outside it. At Gain there is a huge emphasis on movement quality, making sure form is perfect, and making sure that whatever is being done by our clients is done so within their ability. Not everything here has to be perfect according to the typical standards, rather, perfect to the clients standards that we as coaches have helped set for them. For example, some clients can only do a half range of motion squat, but that’s totally okay because those half squats are absolutely perfect and are setting the client up to later do a full range of motion squat. So, when they only get half way down but it looks absolutely amazing, which it always does with Gain clients, we are ecstatic because they are performing perfectly within their own limits.

At Gain we never push the clients to do things we know they can’t do. Our clients are looking to move better and increase their quality outside of the gym which means the progression of our clients is with movement difficulty rather than just simply weight. Stressing a movement is the best way to make someone a master of a movement, and there are plenty of movement masters at Gain. By first training a lunge and perfecting the form will allow our client to now stress that lunge movement by adding things such as a slider to perform the lunge on, or a band to add an element of instability. This movement stressing progression system is a revolutionizing idea within the strength and conditioning field, and Gain is definitely doing it right with multiple variations of every lift each with a unique way to make the movement more difficult and create movement masters.

Above all else what makes Gain one of the best gyms in the area is the culture. And I don’t mean what I discussed above about the type of exercises and progressions used; I mean the culture that the owner and head coach Justin Miner has put in place to make this gym as successful as it is. Every client at Gain gets not only a program and someone to assist them through their workouts, but they get educated on what they are doing and why they are doing it. Almost every client at Gain can cue and coach a squat, deadlift, floor press, lunge, you name it.  And most importantly the laid back feel of the gym is what makes this place unique. This is not your typical get in, get to work, and get out gym. Everyone is friendly to one another, on any given day there could be about 5 different conversations going on between clients and coaches, and it is awesome. Everyone gets their workouts done and gets better for sure, but they know when they come in they will always see a friendly face and have a good time, rather than just grueling through a workout. This is not your average gym, this is Gain.


Intern’s Perspective

What I Eat for Dinner

Many of you were curious as to what was in all those prepped meals I posted a few weeks ago. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check out this mini-blog post I did on my Facebook Page about meal prepping and planning meals.

Since there was some interest, I have been taking pictures of my dinners for the past couple weeks so you can get an idea of how I eat and what I eat. This will be valuable to you for a couple reasons.

I don’t eat anything super fancy and nothing that takes a long time to cook or prepare. There isn’t a magic formula or super food that allows me to be healthy. I just try to cook as much as possible so I always know what I’m eating. The more cooking you do, the healthier it’ll be. It is about simple foods and being consistent.

The reason I didn’t do this over one week – I usually eat the same thing for a few nights in a row, and that would be a boring post. So here are all of the different dinners I have had over the past couple weeks:


Chicken thighs (had another after this), russet potato and some spinach sautéed in olive oil.


Eggs and ground beef cooked in pasta sauce with green peppers.

IMG_8148Ground beef and sweet potato and bacon bowl with asparagus cooked in coconut oil.

IMG_8112Eggs, sweet potato, cheese, spinach and bacon

IMG_7364Bison burger with spinach, avocado, green beans, peppers and onions.

IMG_7360Turkey, asparagus, spinach and onions.


Now before you tell me that you can’t believe how much I eat, let’s clear a few things up.

I eat very light throughout the day. I don’t like letting food slow me down and I have an active job that requires moving and lifting. I make up for a small snack and small lunch (no breakfast, more coming on that soon though) by having a large dinner. I train hard and I am very active – I need to make sure to properly fuel my lifestyle. Also, a large part of my dinner is vegetables. If you’re not eating at least a few servings of vegetables each day, that’s where you need to put some effort in. We can train as hard as you want, but if you aren’t providing nutrients for you body, you’re cutting yourself short.

Now, the take aways for you:

Simplicity always wins. Are my dinners anything fancy that you would crave at a restaurant? No, but they are simple and require minimal effort. Think about what you can cook, that you enjoy, that requires minimal effort? Pick one or two things and make them go-to dinners. We always have some extra chicken or beef or something cooked and ready to go for dinner so all we have to do is cook veggies. I always sauté my vegetables in coconut oil, olive oil or butter (to get healthy fats, yes fat). While that is happening, I can heat up the protein and carb source and just like that, dinner is served in 5-minutes.

When there isn’t anything prepped for dinner, my go-to is breakfast for dinner. Cook some eggs, bacon and mix in whatever veggies are left in the fridge. Again, fast and simple.

When thinking about what to make for your dinners, you’ll notice that every, single meal I posted has a protein source, a serving of carbohydrates and a large serving of vegetables. The same formula I use to prep my lunches. I’m currently on a potato kick, but white rice usually makes an appearance once or twice a week  as a substitute for potatoes. When something is boring, change it up by adding different spices or marinating in something new or different.


What I Eat for Dinner