Take a Few Days off (training log 3/14-3/20)

I had a mixed up training schedule last week. I even ended the week with 3 days off in a row. Something I haven’t made time for in quite a while, especially since I have been working on building up my training frequency. It’s not easy taking time off. Over the years I have learned to accept that it is better for me in the long run.

I shifted focus on mobility. The areas I knew I should be working on but kept neglecting got a lot work. Forearms, shoulders and t-spine, specifically. Now, after 3 days off, I feel great. I have been sleeping better – I had developed a pattern where I would wake up an hour before my alarm, everyday. This hasn’t been happening since taking a few days off.

On the days I did train:

Tuesday 3/15

front squat 5×10 / 95

Mostly did it as a warm up, along with a lot of jumping and hanging, for my rowing,

5x 60 seconds max effort, recover using only big deep breaths and start again once breathing gets normal-ish.

This was good. I felt great after and got a lot of quality work done. I’ve made some tweets to my rower technique that have really helped my speed and power as well.


A1. snatch 5×1 145

B1. run 4x400m

B2. overhead squat 4×15/95

This was a big aerobic challenge workout for me. I need to get some running in, bt really just didn’t want to run, so I allowed myself to lift first with some good snatches, then did some more squats paired with the running. Overall, good training session.


Deadlift 5×10/ 225

Take a Few Days off (training log 3/14-3/20)

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