training log 3/11


Continuing from my theme of pushing it on Friday afternoons, I decided that it was a great day to deadlift. I was feeling good, loose, no achy or sore areas. Sometimes when training, the first rep you do of something tells you how the whole workout is going to go. That happened yesterday when I pick up 135 for the first time. I knew it was going to be a good session.

All of the warm up sets- a few sets of 10 at 135 and a few sets of 5 at 225 – I felt like pushing it a little bit with some weight. Something that I have been staying away from, especially from deadlifting. In August 2015, I had a random tweak in my back that left me out of commission for a while, so I had been sticking to very minimal deadlifting and only occasionally (once every 6-8 weeks) going over 225. The last time I went over 300 pounds was Thanksgiving.

I loaded up 315, which, by the way, is nothing special in the fitness world. A my first single few off the floor. I did another right away. Both felt good so I went for a set of 5 after a few minutes rest (all of this happened in about 30 minutes).

The five was good, solid mechanics, no breakdowns, I needed to know how many I could do. The last set that I did was 315 for 12. It was hard, and was a true test of my technique and positions. I had been working hard to get better and  do a better job of bracing my spine and testing it with some heavy, high rep deadlifts was a way to show what I have been doing is working.

As I get older in my training age, I am become much more interested in seeing if I can go for long instead of going for heavy. I chased a lot of numbers and got pretty strong. I was always hurt, too. I want to know many I can do – how strong are my positions, what are my movements like, can I breathe well under load and do I have the gas in the tank to do it.

This test doesn’t end after the last set either. I wanted to know how I would feel for the rest of the night and the next day. As I am here typing this, I feel great. I felt like a moved some weight yesterday, but no low back pain. Which, for me, is what makes the test successful.

You have to be able to test and retest, see if what you are  doing is working, or if it needs to be tweaked and modified.



training log 3/11

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