Movement and Mobility Class

On Saturday, March 19th we are going to hold a free mobility class open for anyone. This hour long class will focus on several techniques to improve range of motion, open up “tight muscles” and show you how to perform general maintenance on your body.

With improved range of motion, you must also have improved control. That’s what mobility is, strength through a range of motion. For this reason, we will also address motor control and stability. Specifically, how to protect your spine and properly brace/ use your core.

When: Saturday 3/19 at 10:30am


Gain Strength and Conditioning

270 West Road UNIT 4B

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Who: Open to members and the public.

Who’s it for: Do you sit a lot and have constant stiffness? Are you not moving a fluidly as you could in the past? Are you a runner and are always getting injuries? Do you love training hard and want to perform better and recover faster? Then is is for you.

How: You will need to sign up for this free class in advance. When the sign up becomes available it will be announced on our Facebook page and through our email newsletter.



Movement and Mobility Class

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