Training Log 3/3

Mobility/recovery day yesterday.

I trained pretty hard Mon/Tues/Wed, so today was a day to take it easy and sneak in a lot of mobility work throughout the day. Pictured here are some of the drills I did with GAIN client, Scott.


Banded distracted hip extension. Working on mobilizing the hip flexors and grooving hip extension without lumbar extension. x50 oscillations in and out/side ~3 mins keeping butt squeezed the whole time!


Banded pigeon mobilization. If you have trouble sitting cross-legged or feel tightness on the outside of your hips when squatting, this is a great way to improve hip flexion and external rotation. 2 mins/side



Wall facing squat. 3×5

The idea here was that we just improved a lot of ranges of motion. We used the wall facing squat to “map” the new ranges and work on getting the range of motion from the hips and not by over extending the back. This simple drill is very effective.


Working on the posterior shoulder with some distraction and soft tissue work. This is a new one that we were playing around with. I didn’t get to do it for too long, so I’ll play around with it today before I go overhead in training.



My new favorite thing to do. Called “body-tempering,” created  by powerlifter Donnie Thompson. The concept here is that when a muscle is stiff, or there is tone to it, meaning is won’t totally relax, we can force it into giving out and relaxing by putting some heavy weight on it.

So far, we have only done quads, but have had great success with it. When I squat frequently, my quad tendon, right about my knees, tends to get achy, 5 mins/leg on this clears it right up.

The key to this is breathing and patient. The better you breath, the quicker the muscle with give in. Try this out now and see how much of a difference you feel. Can be a dumbbell or kettle bell or anything with some weight that you have laying around the house.




Training Log 3/3

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