Training Log 3/1/2016

Tuesday March 1, 2016

A1. box squat 8×3 – 135

A2. various hip mobility drills in-between sets. was recovering 1-2mins between

B1. walking db bent over row 3×8 – 50

B2. farmers carry 3xlap – 50

C1. jumping over things with Harrison – 5 minutes

2 hours later: did 8, 50 yard sprints with some high school lacrosse platers

Then hoped in with a client during his circuit of:

  • Backwards sled push 4×40 yards
  • Rack pull 4×8 – 185
  • Kb rotational inverted row 4×8 – 25
  • Suitcase carry 4x20y
  • Stir the pot 4×8/side

Overall, very active, productive day of training. I did the box squats because I was feeling sore from some high rep squatting over the weekend. That combined with the long row yesterday my hips were a little off.

I like doing box squats as a hip reset. They really make you focus on your positions and groove a really nice squatting pattern. I try to throw them in when I’m feeling a little beat up and I know that moving around more will help. This certainly did the trick, when I ran the sprints my legs felt great. I had a good stride and was happy with how it felt.

Jumping has been something that I have been trying to mix more of in. It helps me “stay athletic” and I feel good doing it. My friend, Harrison is a freaky athlete so it’s nice to screw around and jump over stuff with him for a little change of pace workout finisher.

Training Log 3/1/2016

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