Preventative Care

I started college with one requirement in my career choice: I wanted to help people. I knew if every day I had the opportunity to positively impact someone, my day would be fulfilling.

With some advising and research I decided on Health Management and Policy. There were good career outlooks, plenty of jobs, and I was in a prestigious program. However, as I started the curriculum and delved deeper into the world of the healthcare industry, two facts became evident.


1. The US healthcare system as a whole does a poor job at keeping the population healthy.


2. I wouldn’t be helping people directly as an analyst creating charts to show how many people died from lung cancer in Wyoming from 1970 to 2004.


These facts did not sit well with me. I could see where this career would lead and it terrified me. Unmotivated, and with the help of a few other college distractions I  proceeded to fail virtually every class I had in my junior spring.


The next fall, through mutual friends, I got in contact with Justin and Gain Strength and Conditioning. Truthfully, at first, I viewed the job as an opportunity to improve my own training at a great facility. This was  short sighted.

A year later, I can tell you that I have managed to find a job helping people in an area that the US healthcare system largely fails to address despite its importance: preventive care. At Gain we strive to teach all of our members how to train and live healthy, happily, and pain free, every day.

Places like Gain are vital to improving the health of communities in the future and I am confident we will have that very impact in the Portsmouth area.

That’s something I can wake up for in the morning.


Preventative Care

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