Can’t Stick to a Workout Program?

website 6 (1)You probably just haven’t found something that you like, something that actually works and makes you feel better. Someplace that you feel comfortable doing something that gets you results instead of promising them.
Same goes for you “not a gym person,” people. You’ve only been to bad gyms. Where there isn’t a comfortable atmosphere and nice people.
Gyms don’t need smoothie bars, saunas and basketball courts. None of that makes you better. None of that increases your level of fitness or your body’s capability to move. Since you probably haven’t been to a non-stereotypical gym, you might forget that since this isn’t a stereotypical gym, it’s not like that here. We aren’t like those other places on purpose.
So, this is a warehouse, without a fancy front entrance, a tiny office and no showers. There aren’t any TVs or even any traditional cardio equiptment. What we do have though, is knowledgable coaches who want to help people move and feel better. We care that you improve, get stronger and we make the process enjoyable, so you stick to it this time.



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