This is not a gym… And I’m Not Your Personal Trainer

Nothing makes me cringe more than when I get introduced to someone as a personal trainer. I hate it. Personal trainer has a bad ring to it. I envision two possibilities, excuse my stereotyping – khakis and a tucked in polo shirt or someone down on the ground, in your face, making up for a lack of knowledge with yelling and exercise cruelty.

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me, much less a workout, will know that’s not how things are done around here. Never will I ever coach anyone wearing a collared shirt and I definitely won’t raise my voice. Yet, everything we see on TV or on the internet expresses the contrary.


I prefer coach to personal trainer. I coach people how to move better and build strength. I coach them to adopt a healthier lifestyle and learn about their bodies. I give personalized attention to everyone as best I can – that’s what makes the best sports coaches, too. That’s what Gain is built on, great coaching and personalized attention to set you up for success, whatever the goal may be.


Recently, a friend who lives across the country, needed something to spice up his workout routine. I urged him to try a gym in his town, someplace like Gain, somewhere that will give him a great community of people and knowledgeable coaching. Hearing about his experiences was a reality check for me. I realized that there aren’t a whole lot of other places that give coaching like this. Most “regular” gyms are ignorant to proper technique and coaching. Giving someone advice that could lead to injury is unethical and that’s what’s happening in too many gyms.


Just like the word personal trainer, I’m starting to resent being associated with the word gym. When someone thinks of a gym, Gain gets lumped in with franchise gyms, ego driven personal trainers and old guys hitting up the steam room.


This place is different though and you have all made it a wonderful community. And don’t get me wrong, there are other places like this, great gyms and great coaches, I learned from them, was motivated by them and became a coach because of them. But it’s rare. And it’s certainly not the norm “gym.”


I’m not going to stop calling Gain a gym. It still is a gym. It’s just our gym, with a different definition than what 95% of the population thinks of a gym. If you refer to me as your personal trainer, that’s okay, too. I just want you to know that this place is unique and I’m glad that you’re apart of it.


Gyms like ours is what’s going to survive. What we do is sustainable, scalable for anyone and can have a huge impact on peoples lives. This is the health care of the future and the most powerful form of preventative medicine. This is the future gym.


Learn more about GAIN Strength and Conditioning by emailing or calling Justin at or 603-686-6002. You can also visit our website at



This is not a gym… And I’m Not Your Personal Trainer

One thought on “This is not a gym… And I’m Not Your Personal Trainer

  1. brophycat2015 says:

    Interesting to re-read this from a “client” perspective. No disrespect intended, but I would prefer NOT to be called a “CLIENT”. So who do coaches coach? That is really the question, and what do you call us? CLIENT seems way too clinical and stand-off ish, as if we are there to pay for and receive a service; (Which I guess we are)and we cannot be “Members” of a gym that is not a gym. It is inetresting that Athletic coaches coach “athletes” and other types of coaches coach clients. I think I would prefer to be called a “runner” or a “lifter” or a “swimmer”, “cycler”, player, or “learner”. I guess semantics do matter.


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