Lifestyle Challenge – Week 1 Reflection

Each week during our Gain Lifestyle Challenge I am going to do a summary, inspired by Cathy, about what I learned during the week.


I did a mediocre job training this week. Sunday was my first workout in over a week after having a stomach bug. So I took it easy and got some good reps of squats in. Monday was an off day, like it usually is. Tuesday I had a good training session since some friends stopped by Gain. Nothing crazy though, kept it light and focused on technique. Wednesday I took a new approach that I came up with while writing my last blog about reflections of 2015. It was a busy day and I wasn’t sure if I could get in a training session. During a break from coaching, I set a clock for 20 minutes and just moved for for the whole time. I spent most of it on the rower, and every 200-500m I hopped off and climbed the rope, did a handstand, some bodyweight squats or pull ups. Nothing fancy just 20 minutes of moving. Afterwards, I was happy that I did it.


I took Thursday off from training, but tried to accumulate pull ups throughout the day. Friday I pushed it hard because I was feeling good and did some heavy, high reps squats. I finished up Friday afternoon with some sprints while playing pond hockey, because why not?


Now, I only say that it was a mediocre week because my goal was to train every day. Even just 20 minute pieces here and there. Planning on doing better this week, but I’m off to a rocky start being 0-2.




I knocked it out of the park with my nutrition this week. I had a few goals that I was working towards simultaneously. While that’s not something I recommend, I was feeling motivated so I went for it. So far, so good. I haven’t had alcohol yet in the New Year, trying to make it the whole month (ok I may have had one beer while playing pond hockey, but I didn’t even realize it until the next day that I wasn’t supposed to, whoops).


I also started to eat 2 servings of some sort of fermented food each day. I did this by drinking a kombucha each day in the morning and having a serving of kimchi at lunch. I loved this and feel great. This will definitely stick as a habit.


Most of the time I don’t eat gluten. I had been slacking lately, due to an obsession with cookies,  so I locked it down for week 1 and was immediately reminded why I normally stay away from this. There is no doubt about it. I feel way better when I stay away.


The final nutrition thing I tried was replacing coffee with tea first thing in the morning. I’m all for coffee and there have been a lot of heath benefits proven from consumption. I just felt like near the end of the year I was running on fumes and was over doing it. I started the year off by going no coffee for a week. This was easy because for 4 days I couldn’t consume anything at all due to the stomach bug. After I felt better, I figured I should ride it out for a full week. Drinking tea in the morning is a nice change of pace. I feel like the caffeine in my yerba mate tea hits me a little differently and most days I don’t even reach for the coffee when I get to the gym. Another change that’s going to stick.




I did alright with hydration. There were some days that I slacked a little bit, but overall I was happy. The one day that I really missed the boat was Saturday. Going to focus a little more on water consumption this week.




Actually tracking how much sleep I got each night was really good for my awareness. I get up very early, which means early bed times. I stuck pretty strictly to a 9:30pm bed time this past week to make sure I got in 7 hours. Not ideal, but it’s what I can work with now. Having this awareness made me think a little more at night and forced me into bed. I got 7 hours all but one night where I stayed up until 10:00pm. Shooting for 7 for 7 this week.




I was happy with my mobility work this week. I’m usually religious about getting this in so this wasn’t a problem. Focus for week 2 is mobilizing things that I normally ignore.




I was happy with my cell phone usage this week. I always try to stay off of email, texts and social media until I get to the gym. I felt like I was slacking lately and getting lost scrolling through Instagram in the morning. I locked it down this week and wouldn’t touch my phone in the morning except to go over the schedule for the day and make sure that I had a podcast ready to go for my drive.


Staying off social media is an absolute game changer in terms of your mood. Staying off in the morning also makes it so I don’t really have the desire to go on as much throughout the day.


That’s it for this week. What changes have you noticed during the Lifestyle Challenge? What new habits did you pick up? Or have you learned anything new about yourself? Let me know in the comments!


Lifestyle Challenge – Week 1 Reflection

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