Stop Wearing Shorts to the Gym!

By now, many of you have caught me in my workout tights. I have a hard time warming up when it’s cold out, so it’s tough to be motivated to train sometimes when I can’t seem to get my body moving. That’s where the tights come in. I’ll start a workout wearing a pair of sweatpants with tights underneath (with shorts on too) and a sweatshirt or light jacket, sometimes I’ll even bust out the vest. I always make sure to put on a hat, then I’m ready to start warming up.


After 4 minutes on the rower, the sweatpants and sweatshirt are gone. Here’s where I’ll start some dynamic warm up and probably some jump rope. After 5 minutes or so, I’ll get in some mobility work on some areas that feel a little tight or restricted. From here, will be the first warm up set of whatever I’m doing for the day. Now, maybe the short sleeve t-shirt comes out from underneath the long sleeve, but most likely not yet.


You see, warming up properly for training is tough when it is cold. As the weather gets colder and colder, you should think about how you are going to dress for the gym.


Shorts and a t-shirt won’t cut it. You just won’t get properly warmed up enough for your workout. When you aren’t warmed up, you’ll increase your risk of injury and decrease your strength and power. Your body won’t be properly primed to move well.


So, put some sweatpants over those shorts (you too ladies, thin capris won’t cut it) and keep your sweatshirt on jacket on when you get to the gym to start warming up. I promise you’ll have a much better workout.

Stop Wearing Shorts to the Gym!

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