Five Things That Seperates Gain From Other Gyms

At Gain Strength and Conditioning, we pride ourselves on the coaching we provide and the programs that we offer. Here are a 5 reasons why we are different from so many other gyms out there.

We Individualize

I’ve said it many times. If you want to get better, you need something designed for you. Generic cut and copy programs will not work. Programming 30 people to all do the same thing will not work for all of them.  Some may flourish while others may get injured. A program especially for you removes any doubt that you’ll be able to succeed or not.

We Tell You Why

When we explain a new exercise to a client, we tell the client why they are doing it, how it is going to help them, and what areas to focus on. This helps you adhere to the program because you understand it, but it also educates you on your body, fitness and working out. If a trainer tells you to do something and doesn’t tell you why, or have a really good reason why it is in the program, they don’t know what they’re doing.

We Connect the Dots

By telling you why and how we can give you a deeper understanding of how your body works. This allows you to listen to your body and know yourself better. We show you how doing one exercise will make you better at another exercise. Then we explain how doing this will have carry over to your everyday life. For example, teaching a plank can teach proper neutral spine position and breathing while under tension. We can take that concept, and show you how to trap bar deadlift. Teaching you a deadlift shows you how to pick something up from the ground. So now, when you go to move that couch, you know how to properly brace your body, breathe and pick the couch up without throwing out your back. Oh, and we focus on building strength so don’t be surprised when that couch feels light.

We Pay Attention to the Details

Last week, one of our clients had her 120th workout at Gain. First, that is extremely impressive considering we opened only 7 months ago. Second, I know this because we track each and every workout session. We track the weights used, the time it took, and how many sets and reps you did. When we write you a new program, we build off that data. We pay attention to what is happening in the gym.

We also pay attention by giving you attention. Not many people can be successful in the gym without a coach. That’s why we are there, coaching you and making sure you do everything correctly, or to give you that little boost when you feel like quitting.

We Care 

We want you to get better. My goal when opening this gym was to have every single person leave here better than when they walked in. We are succeeding in that. At Gain, we truly care about your growth as a person, improving your lifestyle and getting you results in your training. With a plan designed for you and your goals, diligent coaching and a great attitude, getting you results is not a problem.


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Five Things That Seperates Gain From Other Gyms